Rethink transformation

Breaking down complex globalization processes and redesigning them to bring more value than ever before.

We believe a good globalization strategy is vital for successful international business relations. It requires a comprehensive framework that defines how different types of content are handled during localization. It defines your target languages, whether you create unique content for specific markets or translate existing content and which aspects will be machine translated, post-edited, translated by humans or transcreated. A solid globalization strategy reduces costs, saves time and improves customer experiences and leads to increased efficiency and more profitable operations overall.

  • Phase 1: Analyze existing process

    We study your processes and identify areas of improvement. Our experts highlight deficiencies and explain shortcomings in a lucid way. Together with you, we thoroughly discuss how to retain compatibility with internal systems. We also identify process risks and build up safeguards against them.

  • Phase 2: Design future process

    We formulate a ‘to be’ process, eliminating operational inefficiencies and planning for risk mitigation. Next, we re-design the localization process, defining and mapping the dataflow for each type of content. The feasibility of implementing the new process is discussed with stakeholders.

  • Phase 3: Implement and improve

    Detailed migration and implementation plans enable a successful transition to state-of-the-art translation and localization processes. Appropriate education and training modules help your employees own the transition, while our team catalyzes the processes and supports you as your implementation partner.

Results you can measure.


translation leverage gain after a full redesign of translation processes for a global glass manufacturer


cost savings for returning customers based on translation memory hits


of projects delivered before deadline for one of Germany's leading trade fair providers


Corporate Films in Four Different Languages Two wind turbines against a blue sky

Corporate Films in Four Different Languages

The focus of Germany Trade and Invest is to promote Germany as a business location both domestically and internationally
Dynamic Multi-lingual Tourism Website Leipzig Neues Rathaus New City Hall

Dynamic Multi-lingual Tourism Website

Leipzig Tourismus und Marketing (LTM) GmbH's goal is to establish Leipzig as a private and business travel destination.

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  • 1. Client-focused solutions architecture

    We always start with your visions for internationalization. Through in-depth discussion and planning sessions, we develop a comprehensive approach to your localization and training needs, together with you. We carry out thorough assessments before we even make you an offer.

  • 2. Strong communication & collaboration

    Whether we’re translating your webpage, subtitling a video series or providing English training, maintaining consistent communication is vital to making sure your targets are. It also helps us build up information for your future projects, so we can develop streamlined workflows and processes with the highest possible level of automation.

  • 3. High level of competence & know-how

    Our in-house team is always happy to help, but we are also proud to provide you with services by excellent, vetted external suppliers – no extra effort required on your part! We work with competent native speakers for training and translation, and highly-trained voice artists for your audiovisual needs.