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Brand Language & Terminology Management

You have invested a lot of time and money in the development and maintenance of your brand language. But for your products and services to be successful abroad, your corporate language must serve the same purpose across all target markets, no matter how international.

We not only advise and support you in developing a consistent target brand language but also ensure that it is used in every single translation project and without having to look up glossaries offline and that your employees are trained using the same terminologies.

  • Any translations we do are saved in a terminology database tailored to your company. You can directly influence your corporate language and obtain glossaries from us that enable you to stay linguistically and stylistically consistent across all languages and cultures.
  • Our software allows for an incredible amount of categorization within and across your texts; as your Wordcraft database increases in volume, so does our competency at hitting exactly the right mark for your company’s tone.
  • Our ability to integrate cross-platform means you will never be left waiting for days and weeks for minor changes to your website copy or marketing materials – having access to your own terminology means you have the power to make linguistic changes and know you’re still remaining consistent!