Dynamic Multi-lingual Tourism Website


Leipzig Tourismus und Marketing (LTM) GmbH’s goal is to establish Leipzig as a private and business travel destination.

The company completely overhauled its online presence, transitioning to a Typo3-based interactive website. LTM engaged us to provide the English translation for the website while laying the foundations for other languages which are difficult to source from German.


To provide a more interactive, dynamic user experience, LTM made the decision to move their website to the Typo3 enterprise-class CMS. While this provided greater functionality in terms of content management and more flexible ways to display said content, it also created the challenge of a very large, deeply fragmented site containing many nested levels of content. The challenge for the translation service provider was how to access all the relevant content and provide excellent marketing translations with a low level of insight into the finished product and without the ability to take the website offline during the translation process.


We implemented powerful plug-in tools for our software that allowed us to access the German content in batches, translate and revise it, and send it back without the client having to do more than push a button at either end. We automated almost every step of the process, including managing the suppliers doing the translation and proofreading work. We also developed a tool that let us have a live preview of the pages, giving suppliers context to deliver the best work possible. In addition, there was almost no need for the website developers to intervene once the pages were up and running, saving a huge amount of time and money on the development side of things.


By mid-2018, the LTM website was fully translated into English. New content items are also easily handled via this process, which will allow for the website to be provided in a number of additional languages in the near future.