What the … is a file format?


And why is it so important? File formats have been around as long as digital document processing. We’re all familiar with the standard ones f...

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What the … are the most profitable global translation languages?

Woman holding a globe

Even though translations to and from English are our bread and butter here at Wordcraft, we know that English alone doesn’t cut it in the larger...

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What the … is an Artificial Intelligence translator?


Most of us are familiar with Artificial Intelligence and how it is becoming more and more important in our lives. It’s easy to understand how AI...

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What the … is a Translation Memory?


We recently posted about CAT – or Computer Assisted Translation – software and why it’s important to use a tool that matches your re...

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What the … is the CEFRL?

CERFL Header

Welcome to the next installment in our “What the … is that?” series, and the first post on a topic that is one of the cornerstones o...

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What the … is the NATO Alphabet?


And why is it so important to learn? Well, have you ever phoned someone and had to spell your name, or the name of a product 15 times until the ot...

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What the … is Audiovisual Localization?


In late March this year, Wordcraft presented at one of the translation industry’s most prestigious events – GALA 2019, the Globalization &...

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What the … is CAT software?


Very passionate cat owners already know all about cat software, such as gaming apps for cats, where their darlings can chase after mice, laser dots or...

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World of Wordcraft

Fisheye view of a city

Wordcrafters Unite! We’d like to take a minute Just sitting right here To tell you how we’re gonna Conquer the language frontier Although Wo...

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US Consul General Timothy Eydelnant visits Wordcraft

US Consul General visit

We were delighted to welcome Timothy Eydelnant, US Consul General in Leipzig, to the Wordcraft office on April 17, 2018. We had a very exciting meetin...

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