Client Testimonials

Blue Studentenwerk logo

“At Studentenwerk, we are increasingly dealing with international students in their various spheres (e.g. housing or education). We loved that the language trainers are native speakers and talked a lot instead of just imparting passive knowledge. Our employees learned a lot and we are completely satisfied. Wordcraft is a competent language service provider, and our cooperation with them has always been uncomplicated.”

Blue, red, and green LTM logo

“We have a very extensive website with a lot of content. We were looking for a solution that would allow us to create an English equivalent of the website […] and, above all, to keep this up-to-date. Combining the automated translation process and translations by trained native speakers makes for an excellent final product. We have a very good English-language website that serves as a source of inspiration and information for all international tourists. The team is communicative, well organized and always solution-oriented, and we look forward to continuing our close cooperation.”

Blue Leipziger Messe logo

“With around 270 events each year, we at Leipziger Messe have to communicate with a wide variety of industries around the world. [We] therefore need a reliable, experienced translation service provider who can quickly translate even technical texts for any number of languages while delivering consistent quality. The user interface is clearly laid out, easy to use, accessible from anywhere and absolutely reliable. We happily recommend Wordcraft, as they secure the quality of our translations through efficient processes.”

Blue DZB logo

“Our daily working requirements are increasingly being globalized. Wordcraft prepared a customized, uncomplicated offer and selected a suitable trainer for us. We are already noticing significant improvements. Our personal misgivings about speaking and writing English are constantly lessening. We unreservedly recommend Wordcraft to others. Professional trainers, good support and a flexible workflow are our main criteria.”

Red S-Factoring logo

“With their motto “Think Globally”, the Wordcraft team addresses S-Factoring’s desire for its employees to participate in language courses. Wordcraft offers practical training: Telephone calls with customers are re-enacted, e-mail exchanges from everyday life are discussed and optimized. The aim is to break down language barriers, improve and strengthen linguistic subtleties and enhance written communication. Together with Wordcraft, we are expanding the boundaries of our world.”