Rethink certification

Onboarding 2.0

Whether your employees are all in the same office or spread across the world at your various corporate locations, finding time to get everyone in the same room for training is both difficult and expensive. Wordcraft Academy offers a virtual classroom that allows your employees to log on 24/7 from anywhere and receive the training required when it fits their schedule best – all they need is an internet connection. Working at their own pace, employees are more engaged in the process and obtain a deeper understanding of the concepts being presented.

  • Tailor-made design

    We work closely with all departments to develop learning paths for each type of employee and reuse content that needs to be presented consistently across your business. Both new and existing employees are able to complete course work to develop their skills and work more efficiently more quickly.

  • Transparency at a click

    Wordcraft Academy offers training managers the transparency and oversite of their learning programs at just the click of a button. Set up weekly reports or even check up-to-the-minute progress stats for all registered employees. Motivate employee participation with a range of gamification options and leaderboards, while tracking their progress and setting learning goals.

  • Multiple languages? No problem!

    Our localization solutions let you offer your content in multiple languages so all of your employees, regardless of their native language, can learn your processes and policies. In cooperation with our Localization and Audiovisual departments, you are able to design and produce content that best fits your multilingual needs.

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