What the … is PDF (and why do we hate it so much)?


And why do we hate them so much? We recently posted about file formats in general, and why they are so important in the translation industry. In th...

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What the … is a file format?


And why is it so important? File formats have been around as long as digital document processing. We’re all familiar with the standard ones f...

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What the … are the most profitable global translation languages?

Woman holding a globe

Even though translations to and from English are our bread and butter here at Wordcraft, we know that English alone doesn’t cut it in the larger...

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What the … is an Artificial Intelligence translator?


Most of us are familiar with Artificial Intelligence and how it is becoming more and more important in our lives. It’s easy to understand how AI...

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What the … is Audiovisual Localization?


In late March this year, Wordcraft presented at one of the translation industry’s most prestigious events – GALA 2019, the Globalization &...

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