Process optimised translation solutions

Translation Management

How it works

With the help of our cloud based Translation-Management-System (TMS) we will be able to automate translation processes to a large extent. You will upload your files to our online portal using an encrypted connection. You will immediately get information about the cost of your translation and when it will be finished. You can then directly place your order. No more time consuming phone calls to make or emails to write. Our project
managers will of course advise you in advance and detail about all automation possibilities depending on the text type, its use and file format.

Your documents will be translated by professionally trained translators who are native speakers of the target language and have experience as well as expert knowledge of the respective special field. According to your requirements, we offer different options regarding quality control. You will even be able to make changes in the portal. Our project managers are trained translators and will supervise your projects at all times.

Language Cloud

What it does

The Language Cloud is a pool of resources which is available to every project member regardless of place and time. The only things you will need are a browser and an internet connection. Wordcraft allows you to monitor your projects in real time. You will always have an overview of the cost and project status. Our translators use an integrated translation tool and do not have to purchase expensive translation software, which benefits you as our client.

Translation Memory

What is meant by "collaborative translation technology?"

Every source text will be split into segments (e.g. into sentences or different units such as phrases or headings). These segments will be processed by the translator and saved in the translation memory. Every client will have an individual translation memory which, depending on his needs can be divided even further, if sensitive data must not be shared with all users.

The translation memory will be searching for matches according to specific guidelines and will notify the translator, not only for every newly uploaded document but also for real-time translations. Whenever there are multiple translators working on a big project they will use one translation memory.  This will enable them to work more efficiently and to guarantee a consistent use of terminology. We determine the prices according to the degree of the match, which will positively affect the cost for the client.

Process Automation

How it works

We can automate nearly all administrative tasks necessary to complete your project. This starts when sending in your document. A mouse-click is all you need to place your translation order. Based on the information you provide, we will find the perfect translator for the job. As soon as the translation is finished, it will be forwarded for proofreading. Once the translation is proofread, we will notify you via email and you will be able to download your files. We can individualise this process so that the translation will either proofread several times or not at all depending on your requirements. In this way, the delivery period for translations can be cut by up to 50% 

CMS and Webshops

The automation is both effective and cost saving, especially for frequently changing and newly added dynamic content. Your shop system or website will be connected to our system via our programming interface. A new translation order will be initiated automatically whenever new content is added or changed. There will be no need to manually copy text and there won’t be complicated intermediate steps which are often sources of error. This automatisation will reduce man-made mistakes to a minimum.

Document Versioning

Is it possible to take changes to the original text into account?

Using the Cloud System, all documents will be stored centrally. As soon as a new version of the source text is uploaded, it will be assigned a new version number and it will be compared to the already translated segment in the translation memory. In this way, it will be transparent which segment was translated in what version by which translator.

In case some of the segments are formatted in a certain way e.g. in red, our system is able to filter this information and only place an order for the translation of the respective segment.

What about changes to the final text?

Instead of sending corrections and changes in via email, all authorised users will be able to directly comment or mark passages. These changes will be visible to all authorised project members in real-time. There will be no doubt about which version of the document the translators are currently working on. This will ensure that changes will only be applied to the target text. It will also make it clear which segment was edited by which user.

Desktop Publishing

What will my translation look like?

The layout of the files provided will be preserved in most cases. However, for languages with different character sets like Arabic, Russian or Japanese, it is important that a native speaker undertakes the task of formatting. We sustain an international pool of DTP specialists specifically for this task.

Data Security

Is my data secure?

Data security is, of course, our highest priority. Unlike in most cases, your texts will not be sent in via an unencrypted email but uploaded straight to our system using an encrypted connection. Only the translator will have access to your file – unless you allow access to the original text – and other possible reference texts.

It is even possible to allow access to the original file while not enabling its download. We can also take specific requests into account if you wish to work with one of the translators in particular. Naturally, all of our translators have signed a non-disclosure agreement prior to the cooperation and are bound to our terms and conditions.

Machine Translation

How good or poor are machine translations?

It is possible to translate a text automatically in case it has to be finished quickly and is only supposed to serve as a help for understanding. This requires for the text to be simple and not to contain complicated grammar or ambiguous words. You can upload your documents e.g. a word file to our customer portal and download it in the same format. Additionally, you will also be able to have the automatically translated text edited by translators.

File Formats

Which data formats can be used?

We will be able to work with text in myriad different formats. If you e.g. upload an InDesign file, we will then take the text out of the file and find a translator according to your request. We will be able to provide you with the same exact InDesign file as soon as the translation is finished. There won’t be any additional expense or cost for you to reinsert the text back into the graphic.

The only exceptions are screened texts such as PDF or Photoshop files as they are not machine-readable. These files can be processed. However, they will have to be prepared manually beforehand.

Supported File Formats

Adobe FrameMaker (.mif)
Adobe InCopy (.icml)
Adobe InDesign (.indd, .idml)
Adobe Photoshop (.psd)
ASP.NET web sites (.aspx, .ascx, .master)
code files (.cs, .inc, .js, .css, .jfs, .cls, .asax, .asa, .c, .cpp, .h)
CSV files (.csv)
Dita files (.dita, .ditamap)
IN files (.ini, .conf, .cfg)
iOS-String files (.strings)
Java properties (.properties)
JSON files (.json)
Microsoft Excel (.xls, .xlt, .xlsx, .xlsm, .xltx. .xltm, .xlsb)
Microsoft Powerpoint (.ppt, .pot, .pps, .pptx, .pptm, .potx, .potm, .ppsx, .ppsm)
Microsoft Visio (.vsd)
Microsoft Word (.doc, .docx, .dot, .dotx, .docm, .dotm)
Microsoft.Net-Ressourcen (.resx)
OpenOffice-Format (.odt, .ods, .odp)
Klartext (.txt, .utxt, .utf8, .text)
PO/POT-Dateien (.po, .pot)
RTF-Dateien (.rtf)
Trados bilingual files (.bak)
Transit language files (.deu, .eng, .fra, .*)
web sites(.htm, .html, .xhtml, .htmls, .php, .php2, .php3, .php4, .php5, .php6, .phtml, .cfm, .jsp, .ahtm, .ahtml)
XLIFF files (.xlf, .sdlxliff, .xliff, .xlif)
XML files(.xml)
XSL files (.xsl, .xslt)

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